My System

Product Management and
Life Cycle Direction

From concept through launch, I have
led it all. I have been involved in
first to market products, leading
edge hardware products,
software applications, semi-
conductors, and biomedical

I love solving the problems
necessary to optimally
merge business needs,
market requirements and
technical capabilities to create
innovative new products.

I enjoy leading cross-functional
teams through the concept
development process and then steering
the team through the entire product life cycle.
I get my payback when I can say, "I did that!"

My character leads me to naturally step into leadership roles - if no one is in charge, I'll take charge and get the project done. I have a talent for understanding and distilling complex information and I love sharing my knowledge of technology. The same is true of markets. All that falls together for me and my team when I fulfill my role as Product Manager.

Proactive Leadership Examples

I naturally steps into leadership roles...

  • Competitive analyst AMD Client BU market and technical intelligence
  • Red team leader for AMD leadership playing the role of Intel
  • Rep to R.O.C. Ministry of Technology for OpenCL benchmark development
  • AMD's representative to BAPCo for the development of SYSmark 2012
  • First secretary of HyperTransport Technology interconnect consortium

And in my more distant job history...

  • Innovator of technology behind AMD's PowerNow! technology
  • Program Manager for Dell's first server and notebook designs
  • Directed concept to market for award winning Green PC at IPC Austin
  • Created touchscreen POS tablet at IPC Austin long before the iPad
  • Directed development of first Windows word processor at Palantir Software
  • Created medical billing and records app for first IBM PCs at Galleria Medical
  • Custom hardware and software solutions for biomedical research at UTMC

I am an excellent communicator with executive experience in leading both engineering and marketing departments, and representing companies to clients and at high-tech conferences.

  • Delivered first HyperTransport technical presentation at Microsoft's WinHEC
  • PC Magazine Award for most memorable advertising campaign while at IPC
  • Host at Comdex press conferences for both IPC Austin and Palantir Software
  • Presenter at Acoustical Society of America & Japan meetings while at UTMC
  • Guy the minister called at 9PM Saturday to say he's too ill to speak Sunday

Cross-Domain Capable

I have crossed over from Biomedical Research, to Software applications, to PC platforms (desktop, notebook, server and tablet), to Semiconductors.  Because I love digesting new technology and markets I have the skills and experience to move to new domains rapidly.

Technical Experience

My areas of technical competency include semiconductors, microprocessors, graphics, platform design, application software and development of custom hardware and software systems.

  • Sr. Marketing Manager for client business unit's competitive analysis, AMD
        Provided CPUs, GPUs and SOCs technical marketing for Client BU
  • US Vice President of Marketing, IPC Austin
        Directed desktop and notebook PC systems direct marketing campaigns
  • US Vice President of Development, IPC Technologies
        Directed desktop, notebook and point-of-sale platform development
  • Senior Staff Program Manager, Dell Computer Corp.
        Directed cross-functional teams creating Dell's "halo" PC products
  • Director of Operations, Palantir Software
        Directed development, support and fulfillment teams for early Windows
        and Macintosh software company
  • Research Coordinator, University of Texas Medical Center (Houston)
        Designed customer hardware and software systems to control     experiments and analyze data in human communications research)


  • Unity Heart of Austin (Austin, TX)
        Design & Buildout Project Management for New Church Facility
  • Yonovitz and Joe, LLP (Dallas and Houston, TX)
        Forensic Audio Analysis and Consulting for three murder trails
  • Sound Safety Limited (Darwin NT Australia)
        Noise Dosimeter Calibrator hardware design
  • Grason Stadler - Division of GenRad (Littleton, MA)
        Mixed signal hardware design for digital audiometer

Business and Communications Skills

  • Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Project
  • Adobe Photoshop, Premier, Illustrator, Soundbooth
  • Sony Vegas Pro
  • Dreamweaver, HTML5, JavaScript and CSS (this webpage for example!)
  • I don't call myself a programmer but I have been one and can hack my way
        through projects in x86 assembly, C, Java and Visual Basic

Shameless Plug - My Resume

Here's a link to a PDF of my resume. Enjoy, call me, hire me for your next project!